Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Righteous Lib

A Call to Arms!!
I once heard that the victors are undone by the victory or something like that but I never paid much attention to that sayin since I never won anything.  But after reading the latest Pew Research Center report on the public's top priorities for 2009,, I now understand the wisdom of that old saw.  If you go way down the list of priorities you'll notice that there in dead-ass last is global warming.  After suffering under eight years of that flat-earther, Dubya, I thought we'd move forward on this life-threatening issue.  Instead the dummies in this country are worried about jobs and terrorism.  When you're roasting alive or standing knee deep in the ocean because of global warming, at least you can take comfort in the fact that you have a good job.  Has everybody forgotten the immortal words of that distinguished Nobel Laureate, Al Gore:  "The Earth has a fever."  Goddamn right the Earth has a fever.  You don't have to be a super scientist like Al Gore to know that.  Just look at your own experiences.  Take mine for example.  I've been out here in Hawaii for over 20 years and it's hot as hell all the time.  Never once saw even a single snowflake.  When I was a kid in Chicago we used to get snow all the time.  That's my evidence.  How much plainer could it be? 
Fortunately for us, Barack's in charge and unlike the ignorant masses, I'm sure he'll take of business and do something about global warming but he needs our help.  Even though Dubya's been banished to the back forty, he left plenty of flat-earthers behind in the Congress who would love nothing more than to stir up a big stink about this issue.  Trust me, Barack's got our back but we have to watch his back too.  Stop worrying about your damn job (or better yet don't have a job like me) and start worrying about that burning cinder we call Earth.        

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