Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Righteous Lib

Our Finest Hour
I've know for a long time that you stupid Republicans were out of ideas but now only an idiot would still believe the Grand Old Party has something worthwhile to offer.  Since criticizing my man Barack's programs is impossible, these lunatics are trying to dump on our greatest President ever over stupid stuff like this.
Yep, the white racists have nothing of importance to say so they're all hacked off because Barack sent a bust of Winston Churchill back to those sad ass Brits.  First of all, who wants a bust of Winston Churchill's ugly mug staring them in the face every morning when they go to work anyway?  Barack rightly chucked that one in the trash and put up one of Abe Lincoln.  Hey, Lincoln's all right in my book but personally I'd rather have a bust of Jennifer Alba in my office, you know what I'm sayin. 
And who cares about Winston Churchill anyway?  He wasn't even an American so what's the big deal.  And read the article closely.  Churchill and his thugs, sound familiar Dubya, beat the crap out of Barack's grandfather.  Those Brits are lucky he didn't smash that bust to pieces.  I'd bust a cap in any sorry ass that messed with my kupuna. Once someone called my tutu a bad name and you know what I did.  I gave them a dirty look.  I showed them, yes sir. 
I almost feel sorry for you worthless conservatives out there because once Barack's finished remaking the country you'll be as worthless as a Confederate dollar bill, which I bet most of you carry around since you're all a bunch of slavery lovers.  Well the days of slavery are over and Barack's the man now.  Barack's going to make everything free for the people like me and you guys are going to pay for it.  As old Winnie might have said it, "This is our finest hour."   

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