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The Voice of Experience

Three Cheers for Publicus
Good job on your recent post about Eric Holder and though I almost never agree with that unemployed bum, The Righteous Lib, I too welcome you to the blog.  As your post and the related articles clearly show, this Holder clown will do anything to back-up his current boss's twisted plans.  I shutter to think what monstrous actions Holder will justify for his new master, King Hussein Obama I.   I guess one thing you can say for Holder is that he is a good lawyer.  Anybody who can spring ruthless terrorists like these guys or thieves like Marc Rich must be a good lawyer, if there such a thing as a "good" lawyer.  Maybe I should call him a skilled lawyer and that quality makes him all the more dangerous to our freedoms.  I know you're still a young guy, Publicus, but I can assure you that it wasn't always like this in my beloved country.  People used to have pride in themselves and wouldn't just bend over, like Holder, when the boss asks 'em too.  General Patton was like that.  When Truman told him to ease up on the commies, he told him to go hell and said we should take the fight right to the heart of Red China.  After Truman fired him, he came back to the U.S. and the Congress gave him a standing O.
By the way, it would be a much better world today if Truman had let Patton whip their sorry asses although The Righteous Lib might not have liked it because there'd be nothing for him to buy in the Dollar Store.

The Righteous Lib

Welcome to the Arena...Finally!
I was wondering when Publicus would get off his fat butt and spew some of his right-wing hate.  With his recent post (see Eric Holder, possible attorney general of the United States?), Publicus has finally shared his stone-age views with a soon to be bored public.  Yea, I read the stupid article about the FALN terrorists and the Wikipedia!!! article on Holder (come on Publicus, some right wing liar probably planted that part about Holder and the FALN pardon in the article).  My reaction is:  who cares?   Barack says Eric Holder's the man for the job and that's good enough for me.  I don't have to think.  That's Barack's job.  The only thing I'm thinking about is how to spend all that money Barack's going to throw my way. 
And what's up with the part about supporting Arlen Specter?  Why, so that white-racist can go grill Anita Hill again?  I remember watching that one and bracing myself for the moment when Specter pulled out the rubber hose and started wiping the poor girl.  Sorry, I forgot, Clarence Thomas was into all that kinky stuff.   There's so many right-wing nut jobs out there now that I can't keep 'em straight anymore. 

Eric Holder, possible attorney general of the united states ?

This guy has been associated with a couple of pardons during the Clinton administration.  The one that concerns me is the pardon of the FALN terrorists.  The dramatic story of these people can be found at:




Reading the Wikipedia post on Mr. Holder one sees his role in recommending this thing to President Clinton.  In a post 9/11 world, the US does not need high officials who can tolerate terrorists in this fashion.


At least, that’s my view from this quiet part of the world.


Apparently, Arlen Specter, US senator from PA is asking the right questions.  Please support Senator Specter in this.












Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Voice of Experience

Stop Grilling Me, Pleaseee
Well I never thought I'd live long enough to see the President of the United States get pissed because a reporter dared to ask a question but I guess that's the way it's going to be under the reign of King Hussein Obama I.  Of course I never thought I'd live long enough to see a President of the United States who wasn't even born in the god-damned country either.  I guess we're going to see a lot of firsts over the next few years so we better get used to it.  Here's a link to the first of what I'm sure will be many sad episodes from the Obama Nation.  http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0109/17831.html.  If you're too hung over from celebrating King Hussein's coronation to click on the link, here's a quick recap:
I guess Obama got tired of referring to the reporters as Useful Idiot 1, Useful Idiot 2, etc. and decided to go down to the White House Pressroom and actually learn their names and generally shmooz them a little bit.  When the Politico's Jonathan Martin dared to ask the King about his appointment of a defense lobbyist as Deputy Secretary of Defense on the very day he announced his "strict" ban on hiring lobbyists, Obama got pissed.  He cried like a little girl and begged the reporter to "stop grilling him." 
Well, well.  So a reporter asks one question and the King cracks up.  Just wait till he tries to negotiate with all these scumbag world leaders he thinks he can talk into liking us.  I'm sure that will go well.   I can just see Chavez and Ahmadinejad laughing as Obama curls up into the fetal position after they "grill" him.   It's a good thing that Nikia Khrushchev isn't around anymore.  One pound on the table and New York would have been a Soviet province. 
It's also worth noting that at the end of the story, Obama tells the reporters that he's already got two workouts in at a private gym he has upstairs at the White House.  First of all, who gives a damn and second, what the hell is he doing working out when the whole country's going down the crapper.  That's not the way Harry Truman did it.  He was too busy kicking the Japs ass to get in even one workout, let alone two.  So I guess when the economy's in the tank, the terrorists are on the move, and the federal debt is through the ceiling, at least we can take comfort in the fact that our President has massive biceps.  Just don't ask him to use them for anything.  He might think you're grilling him.

On the Lighter Side with Limis Ward

The World Championship of Solitaire
as heard on the All Sports System network on November 10th 2010
Fitz:  Welcome friends to beautiful Bloomington, Indiana for the 43rd World Championship of Solitaire.  I'm your host, Fitz Porter, and let me introduce you to this big fellow beside me, the old warhorse, five time World Solitaire Champion, Pete Longstreet.
Pete:  Thanks Fitz and we've got a really exciting first round match up here between two highly ranked players and let me tell you, the cards will be flying.
Fitz:  All right Pete and it looks like we're going to get started right away.  Here comes President Obama and his lovely wife, Michelle, to turn over the ceremonial first card.  The President and First Lady are walking up to the referee's computer, smiling and waving to the crowd.
Pete:  To see them you'd never know that the President just suffered a major loss in the mid-term elections as the Republicans have taken back both Houses of Congress.
Fitz:  Well this isn't a political show Pete and we're just glad to have such a prominent couple here for the games today.  
Pete:  That's true and it's a great day for our sport that the President could take time out of his busy schedule to...
Fitz:  Excuse me Pete.  Look at that, the President has stepped aside from the computer and is allowing his wife to turn the first card.  What a gentleman!
Pete:   A lot of people probably don't know that Michelle Obama is an accomplished Solitaire player, having sharpened her skills during here tenure as Diversity Coordinator for the University of Chicago hospitals.
Fitz:  And I heard the President himself has been known to turn the cards on occasion.
Pete:  That's true and aides have said that sometimes they've noticed the President getting in a quick game during the Cabinet meetings.
Fitz;  Oh no, it looks like Michelle Obama accidentally shut off the referee's computer.  Looks like we're going to have a little delay here.  So Pete, why don't you give our listeners a little backround on our first round players.
Pete:   To your left, on the red computer will be Debbie Smith, the 10th ranked player in the world and reigning Great Lakes Solitaire Champ.  Debbie is know for her fast and daring playing style.
Fitz:  Didn't Debbie once score over 500 points in a 10 minute session?
Pete:  At the Great Lakes semi-final.  She totally blew Fatty Cunningham out of the water with that score.
Fitz:  But today's matches are only 5 minutes right?
Pete:  That's right Fitz.  In these preliminary rounds each player has 5 minutes to play as many games of Solitaire on their computer as they can and highest score wins.
Fitz:  And what about our other player, Pete?
Pete:  Veteran Malcolm Hastings will be on your right on the black computer.  Three years ago Malcolm was ranked as high as 4th in the world but has fallen on hard times as of late. 
Fitz:  What seems to be the trouble?
Pete:  Like of confidence.  Ever since that blow up at the Seattle Open a few years ago..
Fitz:  Well let's not go into that again.
Pete:  No of course not, but ever since Malcolm destroyed his Mac after a tough loss there he's never really been comfortable with his computer since.  He's tried Dell, Toshiba, HP, nothings really worked for Malcolm since he ruined his beloved Mac.
Fitz:  Ok Pete.  Well the referees got the computers back up and running and it looks like we're ready to go.  How do the players look?
Pete:  Good, real good.  Debbie is slowly cracking her knuckles and Malcolm is adjusting his monitor.  They both look calm and ready to go.
Fitz:  All right here we go.  There's the gun and we're on the clock.  Both players deal and all eyes are transfixed on the two big monitors above the players.
Pete:  Wow, look at Debbie Smith go.  You can see why she's so good.  Her fingers are flying all over that keyboard.
Fitz:  Smith deals again and is ahead, -32 to -60 for Malcolm Hastings.
Pete:  It's early yet.  There's still time to come back.
Fitz:  Hastings dumps his game and re deals.  -40 to -120, Smith.
Pete:  That's good strategy Fitz.  Why waste time on a bad game?
Fitz:  And it seems to be paying off.  Hastings has a big game going.  He's through the first pass and has all his cards uncovered.
Pete:  Listen to that crowd.  They know a winner when they see it.
Fitz:  And there it is!  Hastings clears the deck and surges ahead, 108 to -10.
Pete:  Smith is playing a good round though and don't count her out.
Fitz:  Three minutes down and two to go.  Both players are hunched over their respective computers, typing furiously.  Hastings seems to be sweating a bit.  Smith closing slightly here, 120 to 20.  Is there still time?
Pete:  Its going to be close.  She needs a big game or some kind of break.
Fitz:  90 seconds left.  Smith's working on a solid game but Hastings might have another winner.
Pete:  Malcolm's got to be careful though.  He has a Queen-Jack block on the top of his deal pile.  That could sink him if he's not careful because it looks like that Ten is covering up a lot of cards.
Fitz:  Hastings adjusts his computer.
Pete:  No!  He missed it.
Fitz:  In a shocking turn of events, Hastings missed the move of the five off the waste pile and just blew this game.
Pete:  That would have finished this game off because under that five was the other Queen to free up that Jack.
Fitz:  An hence the Ten and all those cards underneath too.
Pete:  That's exactly right but he may still pull this out.
Fitz:  Smith continues to play Solitaire like a women possessed and she's closed this match to 90 to 75 - Hastings. 
Pete:  She might be able to squeeze in one more game in this round.
Fitz:  Hastings is laboring, trying to protect his lead.  The crowd is growing more and more excited, hoping that Smith can pull this out.  Even the President's on the edge of his seat.
Pete:  Smith needs the Four.  She needs that Four.  And there it is!!!
Fitz:  Smith surges ahead, 100 to 98.  Ten seconds to go.  There's the eight, it's all over.
Pete:  Wow what a round.  Smith needed all her skill to pull that one out.
Fitz:  Smith punches her fist in the air.  Listen to that crowd. 
Pete:  They love her.
Fitz:  Lets talk to our winner.  Debbie, Debbie..Congratulations on a big win today.
Debbie:  Thanks Fitz.
Fitz:  You really had to hang in there after Hastings put that clean sweep up.
Debbie:  Oh yeah.  Malcolm's a real veteran and I knew I had my hands full today.  When I saw that score go up, I just put my head down and ground it out.
Pete:  Pete Longstreet here Debbie and congratulations on a big win.  A lot of our viewers have asked how you stay so calm during the big matches. 
Debbie:  Practice, practice, practice.  I'm lucky enough to work at the Department of Health and Human Services office in downtown Chicago and I have a lot of time at work to sharpen up my game.  I think a lot of my ability to stay focused comes from the office.  All the time, there's people running around, asking questions, bosses dropping in and I just shut it all out and play my game.
Fitz:  Well thanks again Debbie and good luck to you in the next round.
Debbie:  Thanks guys.
Fitz:  Wow, what a round.
Pete:  And we're just getting started.  After the break, we have another exciting match between an engineer for a green building firm and a Sergeant from the newly formed National Civilian Defense Corp. 
Fitz:  Sounds like a winner.  We'll be right back.

The Righteous Lib

He Who Laughs Last...
I'm so sick of all these conservative purveyors of hate like Rush Limbaugh yucking it up over Barack's screw up of the oath last week.  What's the big deal anyway about some stupid oath a bunch of racist white guys wrote like a thousand years ago?  It doesn't mean crap.  Barack's still in and you guys can't stand it.  And so what if George Bush took the oath twice without messing up.  It's about the only thing the guy ever did right without screwing up.  I mean, come on, the Presidential oath was the high point of Bush's presidency.  After that it was all down hill.  Just look what happened to me.  The very day Bush took office I went out to my car and it had a flat tire.  Then I looked out in the street just in time to see my favorite cat, Fluffy, squashed by a pick-up truck.  Had a gun rack in the back too, probably driven by a Republican.  And the next eight years just got worse.  The only thing that didn't happen to me was I didn't lose my job and that's only because I didn't have one.
But it's a new day and Obama's going take care of me and everybody like me and you conservatives can't stand it since you think it might cost you a few bucks.  Well that's just too damn bad.  So go ahead and laugh it up for now but don't forget:  change is coming.  

View from the Top: The Founding Fathers

George Washington reporting:


Like most of the Obama supporters that don't work, a large group of us watched the next leader of the free world screw up the oath of office the other day and let me tell you something:  we are pissed.  Poor Tom Jefferson took it worst of all.  He dropped so many f-bombs that he has to do a month in Purgatory.  When I saw James Madison slowly shaking his head, I remembered what he had told me years ago when we wrote the oath.  "Keep it simple, George.  God knows what idiot these electors might put in office some day."  35 words!!  How much simpler could we have made it?  Any dumb ass could repeat 35 words.  Even that lard-ass William Howard Taft did it right.  


Now I'm sure many of you reading this will no doubt point out that the Chief Justice made the initial error and this is true.  But surely of man of Obama's abilities should have easily been able to brush this mistake aside and get it right.  Dizzy Dean summed it up best when he said, "The ol' Chief slipped in that curve ball, Obama swunged, and now he's out."  And what I'll never understand is how the smartest man ever elected to Presidency, at least that's what we're told ad nauseam by the liberal hacks in the media, and the most gifted orator of this generation, could screw up the oath of office.  Is this what I froze my ass off crossing the Delaware for? 


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