Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Righteous Lib



I think the seating of that distinguished intellectual Al Franken as our 60th senator, thereby ensuring a filibuster proof majority and complete control of the government, was the breaking point for the ever-dwindling minority of people who dare to call themselves Republicans.  For example, check out the latest from the flat-Earthers spiritual leader, Rush Limbaugh, who is speeding up Barack's voice during his daily, three-hour hate screed.  http://dancingfromgenesis.wordpress.com/2009/07/21/rush-limbaugh-speeds-up-faster-higher-pitch-barack-obamas-voice-near-chipmunk-speed-sound-bytes-clips-recordings-rushes-rushing-universal-national-health-care-coverage-plan-legislation-through-congr/  Totally bereft of any serious criticism, the Grand Old Party's fat, drug addict has descended to sophomoric antics not even worthy of a clever 8 year old.  What's next for the Hillbilly Heroin abuser?  Playing fart noises and belches over Barack's altered "chipmunk" voice? 


For some reason I've never understood, Rush carries a lot of weight (Ha! Ha!) in Republican circles, so his naked disrespect for our nation's lawfully elected leader (too bad you can't say that about Bush you losers) means it's open season on Barack these days among his knuckle-dragging minions.  Now of course my man Barack is way too cool for these idiots.  He just lets their crap roll right off his back and keeps moving on, spreading hope and change throughout the land.  Barack doesn't need my help to deal with these Republican haters. 


What bothers me about their dumping on Barack is that for eight long miserable years we treated that worthless villain Dubya with respect, despite his nearly ruining the goddamn country.  After all the illegal, dangerous stuff Dubya did, we would have been within our rights to call him a loser, a racist, a war criminal, and demand his removal from office.  But we patiently waited, calmly explaining to the deluded morons that voted for Dubya and his fellow flat-Earthers why they were stupid idiots for during so and gradually won them over.  And what did we get for turning the other cheek?  A kick in the ass, that's what.


I know I speak for many of my fellow Democrats when I say that I'm tired of treating Republican leaders like Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin with respect when they continue to heap abuse on our guys.  Only Barack's calm patient example is holding me back from going off on these obstructionist Republicans.  If we didn't need the Republicans to pay for all of Barack's programs, I'd say to kick their asses out of the country so we can get back to having a free exchange of ideas instead of hate.  But Barack says he wants to start a new politics and I guess that includes the flat-Earthers.  I'm not sure why he wants to do this but I'm with him because he's always right.

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