Friday, January 22, 2010

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How's that Narcissistic Rage Working for You?


The hippy's broken tambourine lies silent on the ground next to a wilted flower.  College professors whisper softly amongst themselves, wondering why the seeds of radicalism they so carefully planted in their students failed to bloom.  The unionist slams his fist against the wall, cursing the wimpy egghead who promised hope and change.  Camelot lies in ruins, a smoldering pile of shattered dreams.


So what's next?  Perhaps the answer lies in a fascinating article by Dr. Sam Vaknin entitled, "Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?"  Dr. Vaknin has studied narcissists extensively since 1996 and in this article, most of which he wrote before His Majesty's coronation, Dr. Vaknin methodically lists the main characteristics of a narcissist and explains how His Majesty possesses them.  Then he discusses the usual life cycle of a narcissistic leader.  I think we're just about here on His Majesty's life cycle:

The pacific mask crumbles when the narcissist has become convinced that the very people he purported to speak for, his constituency, his grassroots fans, the prime sources of his narcissistic supply - have turned against him. At first, in a desperate effort to maintain the fiction underlying his chaotic personality, the narcissist strives to explain away the sudden reversal of sentiment. "The people are being duped by (the media, big industry, the military, the elite, etc.)", "they don't really know what they are doing", "following a rude awakening, they will revert to form", etc.

When these flimsy attempts to patch a tattered personal mythology fail - the narcissist is injured. Narcissistic injury inevitably leads to narcissistic rage and to a terrifying display of unbridled aggression.

On Friday, His Majesty, King Hussein Obama the First, delivered an address to the assembled serfs at a town-hall meeting at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio.  After the usual lies and distortions, His Majesty tries to explain why his healthcare destruction bill failed.


The long process of getting things done runs headlong into the special interests, their armies of lobbyists, and partisan politics aimed at exploiting fears instead of getting things done. And the longer it's taken, the uglier the process has looked.


Sound familiar?  This speech marks the beginning of His Majesty's "desperate effort" to explain why the serfs have turned against him.  And in a naked revelation of his narcissistic personality, His Majesty said:


But this isn't about me. It's about you. I didn't take up this issue to boost my poll numbers or score political points - believe me, if I were, I would have picked something a lot easier than this.


Here's the video from His Majesty's remarks.  Skip ahead to the 11 minute mark and watch the change in his personality as he delivers the above remarks..  The King is not happy.  He got beat and he knows it.  His Majesty tries to laugh it off but his wounds lie open for all to see.


The assembled sycophants in Ohio might cheer His Majesty but the vast majority of Americans are not fooled.  What will happen when the King realizes He's lost the people?  When will His narcissistic rage explode?


Scott Brown's victory represents a tough blow to the liberal hydra.  The Republicans beat His Majesty in one of the most liberal states in the nation.  But Brown's victory only means that we have killed the liberal hydra's most beautiful head.  With the desperation of a wounded animal, she'll turn her ugliest face towards us and unleash all her anger.  The banking industry appears to be the first victim of her rage, threatened with unjustifiable, confiscatory fees.  Don't be surprised if conservative talk radio is the next target, beaten down with the "fairness doctrine" or "localism."


Now is not the time to celebrate but to work harder than ever to defeat His Majesty.  We must march forward, buoyed by the knowledge that the King can be beat, but realizing that He's not beaten yet.  His Majesty retains significant power.  The royalist majorities in the Congress are still imposing.  We must dedicate ourselves to defeating the King's minions this November.


A Republican victory this November is the only way to stop the King from inflicting more damage to this great nation.  We will have to work for years to fix the damage He's already wrought in just one year.  I can't imagine how much more damage is yet to come this year.  And I shudder to think of the wholesale destruction this man could cause if He has four years of largely unchecked power. 


Now is our chance to effect real change and we must boldly seize it.  Never forget these words from President Reagan:


Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

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