Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Voice of Experience

Three Cheers for Publicus
Good job on your recent post about Eric Holder and though I almost never agree with that unemployed bum, The Righteous Lib, I too welcome you to the blog.  As your post and the related articles clearly show, this Holder clown will do anything to back-up his current boss's twisted plans.  I shutter to think what monstrous actions Holder will justify for his new master, King Hussein Obama I.   I guess one thing you can say for Holder is that he is a good lawyer.  Anybody who can spring ruthless terrorists like these guys or thieves like Marc Rich must be a good lawyer, if there such a thing as a "good" lawyer.  Maybe I should call him a skilled lawyer and that quality makes him all the more dangerous to our freedoms.  I know you're still a young guy, Publicus, but I can assure you that it wasn't always like this in my beloved country.  People used to have pride in themselves and wouldn't just bend over, like Holder, when the boss asks 'em too.  General Patton was like that.  When Truman told him to ease up on the commies, he told him to go hell and said we should take the fight right to the heart of Red China.  After Truman fired him, he came back to the U.S. and the Congress gave him a standing O.
By the way, it would be a much better world today if Truman had let Patton whip their sorry asses although The Righteous Lib might not have liked it because there'd be nothing for him to buy in the Dollar Store.

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