Sunday, January 25, 2009

View from the Top: The Founding Fathers

George Washington reporting:


Like most of the Obama supporters that don't work, a large group of us watched the next leader of the free world screw up the oath of office the other day and let me tell you something:  we are pissed.  Poor Tom Jefferson took it worst of all.  He dropped so many f-bombs that he has to do a month in Purgatory.  When I saw James Madison slowly shaking his head, I remembered what he had told me years ago when we wrote the oath.  "Keep it simple, George.  God knows what idiot these electors might put in office some day."  35 words!!  How much simpler could we have made it?  Any dumb ass could repeat 35 words.  Even that lard-ass William Howard Taft did it right.  


Now I'm sure many of you reading this will no doubt point out that the Chief Justice made the initial error and this is true.  But surely of man of Obama's abilities should have easily been able to brush this mistake aside and get it right.  Dizzy Dean summed it up best when he said, "The ol' Chief slipped in that curve ball, Obama swunged, and now he's out."  And what I'll never understand is how the smartest man ever elected to Presidency, at least that's what we're told ad nauseam by the liberal hacks in the media, and the most gifted orator of this generation, could screw up the oath of office.  Is this what I froze my ass off crossing the Delaware for? 


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