Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Righteous Lib

He Who Laughs Last...
I'm so sick of all these conservative purveyors of hate like Rush Limbaugh yucking it up over Barack's screw up of the oath last week.  What's the big deal anyway about some stupid oath a bunch of racist white guys wrote like a thousand years ago?  It doesn't mean crap.  Barack's still in and you guys can't stand it.  And so what if George Bush took the oath twice without messing up.  It's about the only thing the guy ever did right without screwing up.  I mean, come on, the Presidential oath was the high point of Bush's presidency.  After that it was all down hill.  Just look what happened to me.  The very day Bush took office I went out to my car and it had a flat tire.  Then I looked out in the street just in time to see my favorite cat, Fluffy, squashed by a pick-up truck.  Had a gun rack in the back too, probably driven by a Republican.  And the next eight years just got worse.  The only thing that didn't happen to me was I didn't lose my job and that's only because I didn't have one.
But it's a new day and Obama's going take care of me and everybody like me and you conservatives can't stand it since you think it might cost you a few bucks.  Well that's just too damn bad.  So go ahead and laugh it up for now but don't forget:  change is coming.  

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