Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On the Lighter Side with Limis Ward

Obama Doggerel

(the King isn't worth trying to write real poetry)


Obama – The Destroyer

Pelosi, Steny Hoyer

Why can't you leave us alone?


Slap taxes on the rich

Then laugh while they bitch

While you all live high on the hog.


Private Air Force jets

Extravagant fetes

Just Kobe beef will do


As the rock bands play

You dance o so gay

While millions are losing their homes


When the guests go away

And the bills come for pay

How do the ledgers look?


The expenditures grow

But the revenues slow

Who's going to pay for this crap?


Send Clinton on a jet

With the Chinese she met

To beg them to lend us more dough


Mandarin digits wag

At that miserable hag

And demand guarantees for our debt.


If this was the extent

Of their ruinous bent

We might yet survive hope and change


But that's not all

From this horrid cabal

That Obama intends to unleash


Cap and trade to go green

Fossil fuels must be weaned

Fill landfills with your SUVs


Profits must go

A new day, you know

Capitalists beaten at last!


Nationalize this

A socialist bliss

Government ownerships' best


Banking, insurance

Oey! We've got tsores!

Which industry's next to fall?


How about health care

To this they will swear

Free health care for all evermore


Of course it's not free

Who pays?  You and me

For our troubles we'll wait in long lines


There's more I could say

And go on for all day

But Obama's not worth all this effort


I'll sit back and laugh

At his fuzzy math

And pray that someday this all ends


We'll pick up the pieces

And laugh at his speeches

That once drove lemmings off the cliff


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