Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Righteous Lib

And Yet It Moves.


Score another victory for my man Barack with his lifting of the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. You'd think with the whole country going down the crapper because of that idiot Dubya that Barack wouldn't have time to focus on this issue but, as this decision shows, Barack's a true Renaissance man.  Hell, he's a Superman, by day saving the economy and by night, advancing science to save mankind.


As you might expect, the flat-earthers, the residue Dubya left behind in Washington, is all over my man on this one.  They're always claiming they're so holy (even though half of them are out trying to pick up dudes in airport bathrooms) so it shouldn't shock anyone that like the Catholic bishops that silenced Galileo, they'd be against science.  They don't give a damn if some poor working stiff has to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.  They'd rather save some embryo that ain't even a person yet.  They're so ignorant that they wouldn't even know an embryo if they saw on lying on the floor.  They'd probably call the servant to "clean up this mess."


Now you gotta watch these Republicans all the time because for being so stupid they can be pretty clever sometimes.  I was watching one of those Sunday talking head shows down at the shelter and one of these Republicans, sporting an Armani suit, a crew cut, and a thin nose (he looked a lizard to me, brah) was pointing out that Bush only banned federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.  Anyone was free to engage in this research provided it was paid with non-Federal dollars.  I'm sure a lot of idiots fell for that one but not me man.  Like who has that kind of money lying around to pay for all those high priced scientists and test tubes.  Bill Gates?  Come on, California tried to do the right thing and fund this research and look what happened to them:  they're busted.  California's problems are just one more failure to hang on Dubya.


During the dark ages prior to Barack's election, I felt bad for these scientists because I knew just how they felt.  When I want a drink, I'll ask somebody on the street to hook me up with a few bucks.  How else am I going to get that drink if someone doesn't help me out?  What am I supposed to do, get a job and pay for it myself?  That's ridiculous.  I'm too busy to get a job right now.


And as for money, I'm sure that's the real reason these cheap-ass, flat earthers are really against embryonic stem cell research.  They're afraid Barack's going to spend all their money and they'll have to cut back to only one vacation home or sell the yacht.  Well guess what Republicans, Barack is spending your money like mad and I love it.  He's having a good time doing it too, just like I would, partying all the time and chowing down on imported beef from Japan at $100 a pound.  So my advice to you, Mr. Republican, is to keep that checkbook close because Barack's scientists ain't cheap.

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