Thursday, March 12, 2009

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General Burnside Rides Again!


For such a flamboyant guy, King Hussein Obama the First's signing of the omnibus spending bill to fund governmental operations for the remainder of the fiscal year was a rather lackluster affair. Like an alcoholic that hides in his room as he polishes off another fifth of vodka, Obama signed away another $410 billion we don't have in the privacy of the Oval Office.  And then, once the buzz from spending all that money wore off, the King felt guilty, complaining that it was an "imperfect bill."  Obama was referring to the 7,991 earmarks in the bill costing $5.5 billion dollars, a figure far in excess of the pledge he made in the campaign to roll earmarks back to 2001 levels.  I'm not surprised the King broke his promise because we've all heard alcoholics say they'd never have another drink again a million times.  If Limis is out there reading this article maybe his next post will be about a new support group, Liberals Anonymous.  I'll even start it for him, "I'm Barney Frank and I'm a liberal."


As I sit here and watch Obama spend trillions of dollars we don't have, I can't help but think that for somebody who's so smart, the King does some really stupid things.  Naturally, the King's loyal supporters in the media think he's executing a clever strategy, slamming through as much of his program as possible before the ignorant masses (that's you) turn on him.  Needless to say, if these liberals in the media were so smart you'd think they turn their brilliant analytical minds to figuring out a way to save their jobs but I guess that would make too much sense.  Like Obama, these liberal fools like to think they're clever, to use an outdated phase; "thinking outside the box" but in fact they're in the box, about to be lowered into the grave.


Now that it's too late to use, I'll spell out a strategy the King could have used to bury the Republicans for a generation.  Think back for a minute to election night, if you can without getting ill, to the victory Obama and his minions achieved.  Obama crushed McCain in the Electoral College vote, taking southern Republican strongholds of Virginia and North Carolina and taking all three of the crucial swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  The Democrats nearly won a filibuster proof Senate, taking 58 seats.  In the House, the Democrats increased their majority to by 22 seats for a total of 257.  And don't forget this election followed the successful election of 2006 where the Democrats took back both houses of Congress.  In short, the Republicans were lying prostrate at Obama's feet.


So what brought this disaster upon the Republicans?  To be sure there were many factors but many conservatives, including myself, point to one in particular:  the failure of the Republicans to live up to their pledge of fiscal responsibility.  Ever since Reagan, the cornerstone of the Republican message has been the promise to balance the federal budget.  Unfortunately the last Republican president to balance the federal budget was Eisenhower.  Both Bushes and Reagan himself failed to achieve this goal.  In fact the only president to balance the budget since Eisenhower was Bill Clinton, a fact that Democrats pointed out adnouseum to devastating effect in the last two elections. 


Just imagine for a second that Obama had restrained himself upon assuming the Presidency.  Instead of engaging in an orgy of deficit spending, he'd urged fiscal restraint.  He could have still soaked it to the rich and passed numerous unfunded mandates to achieve his liberal goals but if the end result was a balanced budget or a deficit significantly less than Bush's, think what a weapon he'd have forged.  No Republican for a generation could have credibly run for office claiming that his party was the party of fiscal restraint and balanced budgets.  He would have literally stolen a cornerstone Republican principle, one that is immensely popular, and made it a Democratic principle.  By taking the opposite approach, all Obama has done is reinforce the old Republican charge that Democrats are nothing but "tax and spend" liberals.  By submitting a budget that calls for trillion dollars deficits for the each of the next four years, Obama has opened himself up to this devastating attack in 2010.


King Hussein Obama the First loves to think of himself as another Lincoln but as a strategist he's more like one of Lincoln's failed generals, Ambrose Burnside.  Like Burnside at Fredricksburg, instead of redeploying his forces or attacking at another part of the battlefield, Obama sends wave after wave of his stupid liberal ideas up the unconquerable hill only to be mowed down by the stone wall of realty.  Obama's ideas will fail because the liberal ideas he holds have always failed.  You cannot become rich by discouraging the accumulation of wealth.  You cannot provide free health care without somebody paying the bill.  And you cannot make our enemies friends simply by talking to them. 


After the Battle of Fredericksburg, Burnside offered to resign his commission.  To bad Obama doesn't have such a sense of honor and responsibility.

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