Monday, April 6, 2009

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A Senseless Loss


Generally here at Delta-Man, we try to present our commentary on current events with a lighter touch, mixing humor with serious analysis.  Unfortunately today it is with a profound sense of shock and outrage that we refer you to the following account of the tragic murder of three City of Pittsburgh police officers responding to a domestic dispute.  Particularly sad is the loss of Officer Eric Kelly, a 14 year veteran of the force.  After completing his overnight shift, Officer Kelly was heading home when he heard the report of a domestic dispute but a few blocks from his house and he fatefully decided to back up his fellow officers, Stephen Mayhle and Paul Sciullo, who were responding to the call.  Witnesses reported that Officer Kelly was barely out of his vehicle when he was gunned down by this disgusting piece of garbage, the suspect, Richard Poplawski.  As this brave man lied dying in street he made the call to police dispatchers that ultimately brought the reinforcements needed to stop this scumbag.  Before we go any further, its worth noting that Officer Timothy McManaway, who was the next policeman to arrive on the scene, was wounded trying to rescue Officer Kelly.  Risking his own life, Officer McManaway was able to pull Officer Kelly out of the line of fire.  Fortunately Officer McManaway's wounds were not life threatening.


Any decent, law-abiding citizen would think that our community could set aside our political differences and unite as one in expressing our collective outrage over this senseless loss.  Unfortunately anyone thinking that this would occur would be wrong..  The lunatics in the liberal media wasted little time in linking the worthless piece of crap who committed these crimes to the opposition to King Hussein Obama the First.  Like most young people, Richard Poplawski, 22, maintained a MySpace webpage.  His profile was filled with white supremacist rantings and violent threats against, among others, his ex-girlfriend.  During the ensuring standoff with police, Poplawski called a like-minded wacko friend, telling him that nobody was going to take his guns and that he was going to do what his forefathers would have done, i.e. kill anyone who attempted to interfere with his right to keep and bear arms.


Left unsaid by these liberal hacks is the fact that nobody else in this neighborhood attempted to intervene in this situation, most likely because none of these people had a gun because the liberal do-gooders have done everything possible to discourage gun ownership.  If you read the account of the shooting closely, you'll note that Poplawski, upon realizing that he had only wounded Officer Mayhle, stepped out of his house and shot this poor man two or more three times to make sure he was dead.  It's a shame that not one person like the people who I grew up, who loved hunting and owned guns, did not live on this street.  No doubt one of these people would have dropped this piece of garbage right there on his front porch as he tried to execute this fallen policeman and maybe Officer Mayle and Officer Kelly would still be alive today.


Of course, in their rush to politicize this tragedy, the liberal hacks missed a crucial element of the story:  the roll of the scumbag's mother.  She was the one who called 911 but never informed them that her son had been stockpiling weapons.  She was the one that opened the door to the house for the two police officers, telling them to "come and take his ass." without any warning.  Did she realize he was armed when she opened the door?  As of this writing we don't know and the liberal hacks don't seem to making much effort to find out.


In an earlier time, it would go without saying that this worthless pieced of crap would be executed for his crimes.  If a man who beat his own mother, executed three police officers, and then engaged in a three hour gun-battle with other policemen, which endangered countless lives, doesn't deserve the death penalty, then who does?  No doubt, years from now, once the community's grief and outrage have been exhausted, the liberal defenders of filth such as Mr. Poplawski will emerge from their shadowy dens and block every attempt to execute this murderer and he will grow old, at state expense, in prison.  Mr. Poplawski is a young man and given time he may even be able to rehabilitate his image in a manner similar to another convicted cop killer, Wesley Cook.  In 1981, Cook executed City of Philadelphia Officer Daniel Faulkner..  Despite the testimony of four eyewitnesses to the killing of Officer Faulkner, liberals have made the case of Wesley Cook, now known as Mumia Abu-Jamal, a cause célèbre.  Laying aside his crimes, these useful idiots point out Abu-Jamal "contributions" to society since his crimes and cry about what a waste it would be to execute him.  Mr. Abu-Jamal is currently incarcerated at SCI Green, which is near Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, a short drive from Pittsburgh.  Perhaps in a few years, Mr. Poplawski will also be imprisoned there and Mr. Abu-Jamal will have a protégé. 

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