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The Open Enemy


During the aftermath of King Hussein Obama the First's election, a liberal friend of mine pointed out that one of the reasons he preferred the King over Senator McCain was because Obama ran a positive campaign.  I quickly responded that the King didn't have to run a negative campaign because his minions in the liberal media were more than willing to blast McCain out of the water with a constant stream of negative attacks.  Before I go on do I even have to defend this statement?  Within one week of the announcement of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate the liberal media dug up more dirt and launched more attacks on her than they had against the King in over a year.  Who will ever forget Katie Couric's savage treatment of Palin?  Or how about Chris Matthews of MSNBC promising to do everything possible to help Obama succeed?  Only the most partisan Democrat would dare to assert that the liberal media's coverage of the recent election was fair and balanced.


Due in large part to this favorable coverage by the liberal media we're now stuck with King Hussein Obama the First for the next four years.  And true to form, these liberal hacks stand ready to throw themselves into the breach and defend the King's honor if necessary.  The recent exchange between CNN reporter Susan Roesgen and protesters at the Chicago Tea Party was a classic example of this liberal bias in the media.


Now if you're like me and watched KDKA-TV's news' eleven o'clock broadcast on April 15th you would never know that there were protests all over the country against the King on that day because they didn't cover it.  Apparently the game one victory of the Pittsburgh Penguins over the Philadelphia Flyers in the opening round of the NHL playoffs was more important than these protests because that story was the lead on that night's broadcast.  Of course, this story wasn't the only one covered and I sat back and waited for the coverage of these protests.  Among the stories worthy of coverage on that day was the announcement that a local amusement park, which had been closed for two years, was going to reopen this year, not on April 16th, not the following week, but on Memorial Day, a date over five weeks into the future.  Surely this story could have been pushed back to another day and the coverage of these protests could have been added but the liberal hacks at KDKA-TV news felt differently.


I've watched this channel's news for years and I can't count the number of times I've seen coverage of the Iraqi war protests in Western Pennsylvania, some of which contained as little as 10 protesters participating.  Despite the dreary, miserable weather, approximately 1,000 people showed up for the Tea Party in downtown Pittsburgh.  I can't remember even one anti-war protest with such an attendance but these liberal hacks at KDKA make sure their cameras are rolling, provided they agree with the protesters. 


As for the aforementioned confrontation, Comrade Roesgen makes sure that her viewers know that the Tea Party is not a protest about taxes and bailouts, as the info-babe who introduced her just said, but is in fact:


A party for Obama bashers.  I have to say, this is not entirely representative of everybody in America.  This was organized by three different conservative groups.


This little snippet reveals more about the liberal media than a thousand work essay ever could.  Notice the language.  She has to say, not in the language of reporting, but no, she has to say, in the language of persuasive rhetoric.  And her point is twofold:  that these protesters are not like you and me, they're radicals, opposed to everything the President does no matter what it is and they don't have a mind of their own because they are in the control of dark unseen forces, i.e. the conservative groups. 


With this chip on her shoulder, Comrade Roesgen quickly turns to confront a protester who is carrying a sign labeling Obama a fascist.  To a liberal like her that routinely uses such words to attack her opponents, this charge is most offensive.


What is this supposed to mean (pointing to the sign)?  What do you mean by this?  Wait why do you say he's a fascist, he's the President of the United States?  Do you realize how offensive that is?  Why be so hard on the President of the United States with such an offensive message?


After dispatching with this protester, she turns her attention to a man holding a sign and his two year son.  During the recent campaign, the internet was replete with the babies of liberals dressed in Obama campaign gear or singing songs of praise to the would-be King like the Hitler youth once sang praises of the Fuhrer and we were told how cute this was.  Now that a conservative dares bring his little guy to a protest, this is tantamount to child abuse and worthy of Comrade Roesgen's scorn. 


She asked this man why he was at the protest and he started his response by saying that Obama has said that he stands for the same issues that President Abraham Lincoln stood for.  Now I'm just a humble blogger and have never been to the Columbia School of Journalism but I always thought that one of the main reasons a reporter asked a question was to get an answer.  Apparently Comrade Roesgen doesn't agree. 


Sir, what does this have to do with taxes?


As the man tries to explain, she repeatedly interrupts this poor man and we never did find out what this man thought or what Abraham Lincoln thought.  Instead we learned that, according to Comrade Roesgen, this man is eligible for a $400 tax break and that Illinois will receive 50 billion dollars from King Hussein Obama the First's stimulus plan.  Why she needed this man standing there to say these things is beyond me.


One thing that's crystal clear from this clip is that Comrade Roesgen appears to be a hard-hitting reporter.  She isn't going to let anybody say anything without being challenged.  You might be interested to find out how Comrade Roesgen covers other stories, just to see if she is always so aggressive.  As usual, the lovely Michelle Malkin leads the way by calling our attention to Comrade Roesgen's coverage of an anti-Bush rally a few years earlier.  The contrast is striking.


Notice that she starts out by saying that the Catholic school girls in New Orleans were marching for more money to fix the levies.  There's no mention of the organizers of this protest, no reference to the liberal groups that sponsored the event.  We are led to believe that this protest is but the spontaneous response of innocent young girls to an injustice. 


Notice also that Comrade Roesgen doesn't charge into the crowd, demanding a justification for the protest.  She never asks anyone why they aren't also protesting against Mayor Ray Nagin or Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, both incidentally members of the Democratic Party.  Do these protesters feel the federal government is solely responsible for the failure of the levies in New Orleans and the failure to evacuate the city during Hurricane Katrina?  Shouldn't they be challenged on this point?  Obviously Comrade Roesgen doesn't think so.


And for the most fitting comparison, notice that one of the protesters is wearing a huge mask of then President Bush, complete with devil horns and a Hitler-like mustache.  Did Comrade Roesgen charge this protester, screaming about how offensive it was to compare the President of the United States to one of the most evil men who ever lived (who I think we can all agree was a fascist) and the enemy of all mankind, the devil?  Of course not but she made sure that the viewers got a good look at the wad of cash this protester was carrying in order to point out the "Mr." Bush did not bring money for New Orleans.


I don't want to beat this to death but once again notice the language, it's Mr. Bush, not President Bush.  When Comrade Roesgen confronted the Tea Party protesters she made sure she referred to the King as the President of the United States, knowing full well the prestige associated with that office..  Here, when the President of the United States is a man she hates, she can't even bring herself to refer to him as the President but instead simply as any other man, Mr. Bush.


If there's one positive thing we can take out of this incident it's to note the open hostility of the crowd towards Comrade Roesgen and the liberal hack network she represents.  This is a good thing and make no mistake about it, the liberal media is our open enemy and must be confronted and destroyed as surely as al-Qaeda.  Like Hurricane Katrina, Obama too shall pass but we will not only be left with a path of destruction but also a liberal media that will continue to attack us and our ideals.  The conservative vision will never be realized until this dangerous enemy is totally discredited.



Postscript:  You might be interested to know that after Comrade Roesgen's confrontation with the Tea Party protesters she mysteriously disappeared from CNN.

According to CNN, she's on a previously scheduled vacation.  Typical liberal.  The going gets tough and the liberal starts running. 

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