Friday, April 10, 2009

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Citizen Gibbs


Every once in a while these useful idiots in the liberal media must get bored kissing the King's ass because sometimes they actually challenge him with a tough question.  Such was the case on Thursday when CNN's Dan Lothian asked White Press Secretary Robert Gibbs whether King Hussein Obama the First bowed to his fellow royal, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Citizen Gibbs dutifully provided the current White House lie which is that Obama was bending over to shake King Abdullah's hand.  Now anyone that has watched the video of Obama bowing before the Saudi king realizes that this explanation is a blatant lie.  The only possible way this story could be true is if Obama is so nearsighted that he had to bow way down to actually see King Abdullah's hand in order to shake it.


This Gibbs is an odd character and as you read the transcript of his exchange with the CNN reporter you'll notice that he quickly switches into smart ass mode.  First he implies that the incident doesn't matter since it happened a week ago, a strange argument for someone to make who represents an administration that constantly talks about the events of the past eight years..  When the reporter points out that people are still talking about the incident, Gibbs fires off this gem:


I can only imagine it is of great cause and concern for many people struggling with the economy.


Well, well.  That response shut up the CNN reporter but it probably didn't win him many friends in the White House press briefing room.  I'd love to see a reporter drop that one on Gibbs some day when he's proudly announcing a supposed solution to a problem. 


Gibbs:  And we're excited to announce the administration's commitment to fund stem cell research.

Reporter:  I can only imagine stem cell research is of great cause and concern for many people struggling with the economy.

            Gibbs:  Screw you, you worthless prick.  Guards, remove this man.


Gibbs' treatment of this reporter is typical of his brief tenure as White Press Secretary; a tenure that I'm sure will not be long.  I'm not sure of all the questions that were on that 60 page questionnaire the King made all his prospective appointees fill out but I would think the questionnaire for the position of Press Secretary would ask if the applicant is an arrogant, smart ass.  Being an honest liberal, Citizen Gibbs would have dutifully answered "Yes" and King Obama would have saved himself a lot of trouble.


As I searched the internet for other examples of Gibbs' behavior, I came across the following classic, courtesy of the lovely Michelle Malkin,  Since Malkin didn't include a link to a video of Citizen Gibbs' mistreatment of this journalist, April Ryan, or the transcript from the briefing, I decided to look it up on the White House website.  As you can tell from the link to Malkin's post, the briefing occurred on March 23rd.  As of this writing, if you look on the White House website, you see a transcript on that date for a briefing by the Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, but none for Gibbs. 


Fortunately the King hasn't completing suppressed dissent yet so you can find a transcript for this press briefing on a website called The American Presidency Project, sponsored by the University of California, Santa Barbara.  The omission of this press briefing from the White House website is worth taking note of.  Perhaps it was an honest mistake or maybe the White House doesn't intend to post all press briefings but I doubt it.  So much for transparency and honesty in the Obama White House.


Near the end of the press briefing, Gibbs calls on journalist April Ryan.  If you check out this women's website,, you'll quickly come to the conclusion that this women doesn't work for Foxx News.  She's a liberals' liberal.  She worships Obama and you'd think that she would be treated well by the King's minions for all the favorable coverage she gives him but if you thought that you'd be wrong.  One thing you have to admit about Citizen Gibbs:  his condescending attitude crosses party lines.  He'll mistreat a liberal just as soon as he'll rough up a conservative.


Ryan starts out by asking Citizen Gibbs if the King intends to make any important announcements the following evening at his press conference.


I think that largely depends on the many important and impressive reporters assembled in the room in which they will ask the President cutting questions and elicit news.


Gibbs thought he was being cute but Ryan was not amused.


No, you know what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about an opening statement.  Stop being flip.


After Gibbs finally coughs up an answer to this women's question, she moves onto another subject, the prospect of foreign countries calling the debts owed them by the United States.  Now I'm not sure if these countries have the ability to call U.S. treasury bonds but they can certainly stop buying U.S. treasury bonds and/or dump their current holdings which would make it very difficult for our country to issue new debt.  For an administration that intends to incur 10 trillion dollars in new debt over the next ten years this could be a major problem.  It's a serious question but Gibbs doesn't seem to think so as evidenced by Ryan's follow up question:


            If a country does call some of the money due, are we – no it's a serious question.


Gibbs laughs at this question and dismissively cuts down his fellow liberal


April, I – the minute it becomes a reality, I assume your hand will be straight up in the air and I will call on you then.


Even though the White Press Secretary doesn't participate in the formulation of policy, this job is one of the most important positions in any administration.  The White Press Secretary is literally the face of the administration, explaining and defending the President's actions on a daily basis.  By presenting this arrogant and churlish face, the King is showing what he truly thinks of the American people.  Those subjects who dare to question the King are ruthlessly cut down in a withering hail of sarcastic criticism.  For a man who claims to want a new and civil politics, the King's choice of Citizen Gibbs as his most prominent representative is a curious one.

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