Friday, May 1, 2009

The Best and the Brightest

A Heartbeat Away


King Hussein Obama the First has appointed so many worthless losers to high positions in his administration that we've decided to start a new feature here at Delta-Man called The Best and the Brightest.  The posts under this heading will expose and ridicule the misadventures of the King's henchmen, which in his short reign have been numerous and shocking.  From Comrade Robert Gibbs to Janet Napolitano, from the heretofore unidentified clowns who signed off on scaring the crap out of New York City by flying a 747 over the city and decided to give the Prime Minister of England a cheap collection of old movies from Best Buy, King Hussein Obama the First has provided a inexhaustible supply of idiots for us to make fun of and laugh at. And since this article is the initial posting under this heading, we might as well start right at the top with arguably the King's worst appointment, Vice President Joe Biden.


To chronicle all of Biden's gaffes would literally require me to quit my job and start writing full time so today we focus solely on his latest blunder, to wit:  his warning to Americans not to fly in light of the developing swine flu pandemic.  Now if you're like me, you probably thought Biden was just a hack lawyer from Delaware who finagled his way into a cushy job in the United States Senate.  Little did we know that Biden was also a distinguished member of the medical community, whose prominence and learning allow him to give out advice to the public at large.  We can only pray that Biden has enough sense to limit his medical career to shooting off his mouth about issues he really doesn't understand.  Imagine if this clown tried to perform open-heart surgery on someone.  Biden's so stupid that that poor soul would probably end up with a big asshole in the center of his chest.


Since Obama's henchmen screw up so often, they are used to covering up for mistakes by one of their own and the excuses and clarifications were flying out of the White House in no time.  Notice how the liars carefully twist and shade Biden's comments, mostly by subtle additions.  Press Secretary Comrade Gibbs added to Biden's blanket warning by saying that sick people should limit their travel.  This comment in and of itself is ridiculous since Biden was clearly warning healthy people not to expose themselves to illness not the reverse as Gibbs suggested.  Biden's spokeswoman, Elizabeth Alexander tacked on that Biden meant to say the people should avoid unnecessary travel to and from Mexico.  Of course in the comments Biden actually made he said the exact opposite when he said, "It's not that it's going to Mexico.  It's you in a confined aircraft."  Only liberals could come up with such unbelievable lies.  Surprising the only person who said anything of worth was Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, who said, "I wish the vice president had checked with the Centers for Disease Control…before he made that statement."  Well, no duh but if Biden checked the facts everything before he shot off his big mouth he'd in essence be taking a vow of silence.


If Biden was only a hack loser in the Senate, his comments would have been laughed at and quickly forgotten but unfortunately he is the Vice President of the United States.  Due to the prestige of this nation and some of the prior occupants of that office, Biden's opinion now carries a certain weight and he can do a lot of damage.  Consider the following story about the potential effect of Biden's comment's on the struggling tourism industry in King Hussein Obama's native state of Hawaii.  Even somebody as geographically challenged as King Obama, who thinks there are 57 states, should know that Hawaii's tourism industry is totally dependent on air travel.  By shooting of his mouth, Biden might cause a lot of harm in our most beautiful state.  We take this injury to Hawaii very seriously here at Delta-Man.  We have a number of friends in the islands and in fact, one of our contributors, the Righteous Lib, is a resident of that fair state.  It's unfortunate that because of this idiot some good people might lose their jobs.


No doubt Biden will be taken to the woodshed for this one and we may not see him for awhile but not even King Hussein Obama the First can silence the Vice President forever.  In a few weeks, Biden will emerge from the wilderness and roam the landscape once more.  I've often wondered about the mentality of someone such as Biden who screws up so often but never seems to learn.  You'd thing that after all his mistakes he'd shut his mouth but he doesn't.  He must be so delusional that he thinks what he's saying makes sense.  It's frightening to think this man is one heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States.  Long live the King!

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