Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Righteous Lib


Do It for Ted!


All you racist, conservative, hate-mongers must be dancing today.  The people's President, Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy is dead.  For one day at least, you can stop screaming, put down your posters comparing my man Barack to Hitler, and turn your rage on an easier target:  a dead man. 


The flat-earther Republicans outrage against this man is pretty selective.  Their hero, Dubya, can stumble around drunk for half his adult life and all they will tell you is what a great Christian man he is.  Ted drives drunk once in lifetime spanning over seventy years and you'd think he'd killed someone by the way they're reacting today.  Unlike their spoiled brat, rich kid Dubya, who had everything handed to him on a silver platter, Ted had to claw his way to the top through hard work.  Ted won nine separate elections to the U.S. Senate fair and square.  Dubya never won an election in his life although he did steal a couple but I guess that's ok down at RNC headquarters.


Of all the disgusting things these Neanderthals are saying today the absolute lowest attack is the defacing of the moving cartoon by esteemed New York Times cartoonist, Jeff Danziger.  In this cartoon, Danziger paints a heart-rending picture of an aged Senator Kennedy standing on a pier being helped into a sailboat filled with his three dead brothers who all look young and healthy.  And lest we forget, Ted's brothers, Joe Jr., Jack, and Robert were all killed serving this country unlike Dubya who never served anything but a highball.  Unfortunately I've lost the link to this shocking mutilation of this soon to be classic cartoon but I saw on one of their hate filled websites that a conservative loser added a drawing to the cartoon of Mary Jo Kopechne in the water, flailing around, desperately trying to get into the boat, and another drawing of a nude Marilyn Monroe lying on the deck with a beer in her hand.


What these racist losers will never understand is that Ted is being mourned by the whole nation because he stood for the little man.  Ted did more for the little guy in one day than Dubya and all his clown supporters have done in their collective lifetimes.  Look at all the welfare programs Ted has championed:  Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, TANIF, and Supplemental Social Security.  Without these programs, my lifestyle might not be possible.  Because of Ted, I don't have to work.  My basic needs are taken care of and I'm free to hang out on the beach.  And I'm not the only beneficiary of these great programs.  What about all the people benefiting from these programs in our inner cities?  Take a walk through the South Side of Chicago, Camden, New Jersey, or Compton, California.  This is Ted's legacy.


God called Ted home before he could realize his greatest achievement, providing free health care for all.  Fortunately for Ted, and God for that matter, my man Barack is on the job.  I don't care how loud you racist, hate-mongers yell, Barack will beat you in the end.  And now we have a rallying cry worthy of our cause:  Let's pass responsible healthcare reform, including a public option to keep the private insurance companies honest, now for our fallen hero, Ted! 

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