Friday, August 28, 2009

The Righteous Lib


Enough Already!!


You have to give the racist, hate-monger Republicans an A for effort for digging up this pathetic loser Cindy Sheehan to protest against my man Barack while he's on vacation.  Any decent person would show a little respect and give someone like Barack, who's been working so hard on their behalf, a break while he tries to relax on his vacation but I guess common courtesy is too much to ask of this Republican stooge.  When I see the flat-earthers dig up such a warped person as this from the country's sewers I shudder to think of how many similarly deranged individuals they can draw upon when needed to thwart my man Barack's plans.


Who does this Cindy Sheehan think she is anyway?  So her son was killed in Iraq.  Boo, hoo, hoo.  A lot of families lost sons in Iraq but I don't think Barack had anything to do with that.  You might remember we used to have a stammering, country-bumpkin as commander-in-chief named Dubya.  Did all you fear-mongers forget about him?  And why is it Barack's fault that her son was too stupid to get a real job and had to join the military?  From what I hear, this loser's son not only joined the military once but signed up for another tour while he was fighting in Iraq.  How stupid is that?


What really burns me is that all the networks can't get enough of this woman.  I'm so sick of turning on the tube down at the shelter and seeing her face.  The coverage of this woman and her deluded followers never ends.  Props to ABC's Charles Gibson though.  Out of the whole lot of them, only he has the guts to say "Enough already: and tell her to knock it off.  We need more objective journalists like this guy.


Apparently this lunatic is mad about Barack's commitment to kick ass in Afghanistan.  Why does Barack want to do this?  How is the hell should I know?  All I know is that Barack says this is what we have to do so that's good enough for me.  Why should I waste my time thinking about this kind of stuff when the smartest man in America is already on top of issue?  If you racist Republicans out there could stop yelling and put down your hate-filled posters for a few minutes you might just realize that a guy as smart as Barack is always right and get on board his movement for hope and change.  I'm sure though there's as much chance of that happening as hell freezing over which we all know is impossible due to global warming.

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