Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Voice of Experience

The Open Enemy


During the aftermath of King Hussein Obama the First's election, a liberal friend of mine pointed out that one of the reasons he preferred the King over Senator McCain was because Obama ran a positive campaign.  I quickly responded that the King didn't have to run a negative campaign because his minions in the liberal media were more than willing to blast McCain out of the water with a constant stream of negative attacks.  Before I go on do I even have to defend this statement?  Within one week of the announcement of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate the liberal media dug up more dirt and launched more attacks on her than they had against the King in over a year.  Who will ever forget Katie Couric's savage treatment of Palin?  Or how about Chris Matthews of MSNBC promising to do everything possible to help Obama succeed?  Only the most partisan Democrat would dare to assert that the liberal media's coverage of the recent election was fair and balanced.


Due in large part to this favorable coverage by the liberal media we're now stuck with King Hussein Obama the First for the next four years.  And true to form, these liberal hacks stand ready to throw themselves into the breach and defend the King's honor if necessary.  The recent exchange between CNN reporter Susan Roesgen and protesters at the Chicago Tea Party was a classic example of this liberal bias in the media.


Now if you're like me and watched KDKA-TV's news' eleven o'clock broadcast on April 15th you would never know that there were protests all over the country against the King on that day because they didn't cover it.  Apparently the game one victory of the Pittsburgh Penguins over the Philadelphia Flyers in the opening round of the NHL playoffs was more important than these protests because that story was the lead on that night's broadcast.  Of course, this story wasn't the only one covered and I sat back and waited for the coverage of these protests.  Among the stories worthy of coverage on that day was the announcement that a local amusement park, which had been closed for two years, was going to reopen this year, not on April 16th, not the following week, but on Memorial Day, a date over five weeks into the future.  Surely this story could have been pushed back to another day and the coverage of these protests could have been added but the liberal hacks at KDKA-TV news felt differently.


I've watched this channel's news for years and I can't count the number of times I've seen coverage of the Iraqi war protests in Western Pennsylvania, some of which contained as little as 10 protesters participating.  Despite the dreary, miserable weather, approximately 1,000 people showed up for the Tea Party in downtown Pittsburgh.  I can't remember even one anti-war protest with such an attendance but these liberal hacks at KDKA make sure their cameras are rolling, provided they agree with the protesters. 


As for the aforementioned confrontation, Comrade Roesgen makes sure that her viewers know that the Tea Party is not a protest about taxes and bailouts, as the info-babe who introduced her just said, but is in fact:


A party for Obama bashers.  I have to say, this is not entirely representative of everybody in America.  This was organized by three different conservative groups.


This little snippet reveals more about the liberal media than a thousand work essay ever could.  Notice the language.  She has to say, not in the language of reporting, but no, she has to say, in the language of persuasive rhetoric.  And her point is twofold:  that these protesters are not like you and me, they're radicals, opposed to everything the President does no matter what it is and they don't have a mind of their own because they are in the control of dark unseen forces, i.e. the conservative groups. 


With this chip on her shoulder, Comrade Roesgen quickly turns to confront a protester who is carrying a sign labeling Obama a fascist.  To a liberal like her that routinely uses such words to attack her opponents, this charge is most offensive.


What is this supposed to mean (pointing to the sign)?  What do you mean by this?  Wait why do you say he's a fascist, he's the President of the United States?  Do you realize how offensive that is?  Why be so hard on the President of the United States with such an offensive message?


After dispatching with this protester, she turns her attention to a man holding a sign and his two year son.  During the recent campaign, the internet was replete with the babies of liberals dressed in Obama campaign gear or singing songs of praise to the would-be King like the Hitler youth once sang praises of the Fuhrer and we were told how cute this was.  Now that a conservative dares bring his little guy to a protest, this is tantamount to child abuse and worthy of Comrade Roesgen's scorn. 


She asked this man why he was at the protest and he started his response by saying that Obama has said that he stands for the same issues that President Abraham Lincoln stood for.  Now I'm just a humble blogger and have never been to the Columbia School of Journalism but I always thought that one of the main reasons a reporter asked a question was to get an answer.  Apparently Comrade Roesgen doesn't agree. 


Sir, what does this have to do with taxes?


As the man tries to explain, she repeatedly interrupts this poor man and we never did find out what this man thought or what Abraham Lincoln thought.  Instead we learned that, according to Comrade Roesgen, this man is eligible for a $400 tax break and that Illinois will receive 50 billion dollars from King Hussein Obama the First's stimulus plan.  Why she needed this man standing there to say these things is beyond me.


One thing that's crystal clear from this clip is that Comrade Roesgen appears to be a hard-hitting reporter.  She isn't going to let anybody say anything without being challenged.  You might be interested to find out how Comrade Roesgen covers other stories, just to see if she is always so aggressive.  As usual, the lovely Michelle Malkin leads the way by calling our attention to Comrade Roesgen's coverage of an anti-Bush rally a few years earlier.  The contrast is striking.


Notice that she starts out by saying that the Catholic school girls in New Orleans were marching for more money to fix the levies.  There's no mention of the organizers of this protest, no reference to the liberal groups that sponsored the event.  We are led to believe that this protest is but the spontaneous response of innocent young girls to an injustice. 


Notice also that Comrade Roesgen doesn't charge into the crowd, demanding a justification for the protest.  She never asks anyone why they aren't also protesting against Mayor Ray Nagin or Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, both incidentally members of the Democratic Party.  Do these protesters feel the federal government is solely responsible for the failure of the levies in New Orleans and the failure to evacuate the city during Hurricane Katrina?  Shouldn't they be challenged on this point?  Obviously Comrade Roesgen doesn't think so.


And for the most fitting comparison, notice that one of the protesters is wearing a huge mask of then President Bush, complete with devil horns and a Hitler-like mustache.  Did Comrade Roesgen charge this protester, screaming about how offensive it was to compare the President of the United States to one of the most evil men who ever lived (who I think we can all agree was a fascist) and the enemy of all mankind, the devil?  Of course not but she made sure that the viewers got a good look at the wad of cash this protester was carrying in order to point out the "Mr." Bush did not bring money for New Orleans.


I don't want to beat this to death but once again notice the language, it's Mr. Bush, not President Bush.  When Comrade Roesgen confronted the Tea Party protesters she made sure she referred to the King as the President of the United States, knowing full well the prestige associated with that office..  Here, when the President of the United States is a man she hates, she can't even bring herself to refer to him as the President but instead simply as any other man, Mr. Bush.


If there's one positive thing we can take out of this incident it's to note the open hostility of the crowd towards Comrade Roesgen and the liberal hack network she represents.  This is a good thing and make no mistake about it, the liberal media is our open enemy and must be confronted and destroyed as surely as al-Qaeda.  Like Hurricane Katrina, Obama too shall pass but we will not only be left with a path of destruction but also a liberal media that will continue to attack us and our ideals.  The conservative vision will never be realized until this dangerous enemy is totally discredited.



Postscript:  You might be interested to know that after Comrade Roesgen's confrontation with the Tea Party protesters she mysteriously disappeared from CNN.

According to CNN, she's on a previously scheduled vacation.  Typical liberal.  The going gets tough and the liberal starts running. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

On the Lighter Side with Limis Ward

Obama's Marine Hymn



From the safety of our battleships

Far from Somalis

We will write the U.N. letters

To protest this piracy

First to raise our voice in outrage

First to call our enemies mean

We are proud to claim the title

Of United States Marines


We have changed our fighting attitude

For the modern age to come

Now we beg, petition, and discuss

And we never need a gun

At The Hague's World Court of Justice

There our pleadings will be seen

You will find us always on the job

The United States Marines.


Here's health to you and to our Corps

We will grow old as we serve

Cause we never raise our weapons

Except to fight some right-wing perv

If the Army and the Navy

Ever look on ACORN's scenes

They will find their doors are guarded

By United States Marines.


Friday, April 10, 2009

The Voice of Experience

Citizen Gibbs


Every once in a while these useful idiots in the liberal media must get bored kissing the King's ass because sometimes they actually challenge him with a tough question.  Such was the case on Thursday when CNN's Dan Lothian asked White Press Secretary Robert Gibbs whether King Hussein Obama the First bowed to his fellow royal, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Citizen Gibbs dutifully provided the current White House lie which is that Obama was bending over to shake King Abdullah's hand.  Now anyone that has watched the video of Obama bowing before the Saudi king realizes that this explanation is a blatant lie.  The only possible way this story could be true is if Obama is so nearsighted that he had to bow way down to actually see King Abdullah's hand in order to shake it.


This Gibbs is an odd character and as you read the transcript of his exchange with the CNN reporter you'll notice that he quickly switches into smart ass mode.  First he implies that the incident doesn't matter since it happened a week ago, a strange argument for someone to make who represents an administration that constantly talks about the events of the past eight years..  When the reporter points out that people are still talking about the incident, Gibbs fires off this gem:


I can only imagine it is of great cause and concern for many people struggling with the economy.


Well, well.  That response shut up the CNN reporter but it probably didn't win him many friends in the White House press briefing room.  I'd love to see a reporter drop that one on Gibbs some day when he's proudly announcing a supposed solution to a problem. 


Gibbs:  And we're excited to announce the administration's commitment to fund stem cell research.

Reporter:  I can only imagine stem cell research is of great cause and concern for many people struggling with the economy.

            Gibbs:  Screw you, you worthless prick.  Guards, remove this man.


Gibbs' treatment of this reporter is typical of his brief tenure as White Press Secretary; a tenure that I'm sure will not be long.  I'm not sure of all the questions that were on that 60 page questionnaire the King made all his prospective appointees fill out but I would think the questionnaire for the position of Press Secretary would ask if the applicant is an arrogant, smart ass.  Being an honest liberal, Citizen Gibbs would have dutifully answered "Yes" and King Obama would have saved himself a lot of trouble.


As I searched the internet for other examples of Gibbs' behavior, I came across the following classic, courtesy of the lovely Michelle Malkin,  Since Malkin didn't include a link to a video of Citizen Gibbs' mistreatment of this journalist, April Ryan, or the transcript from the briefing, I decided to look it up on the White House website.  As you can tell from the link to Malkin's post, the briefing occurred on March 23rd.  As of this writing, if you look on the White House website, you see a transcript on that date for a briefing by the Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, but none for Gibbs. 


Fortunately the King hasn't completing suppressed dissent yet so you can find a transcript for this press briefing on a website called The American Presidency Project, sponsored by the University of California, Santa Barbara.  The omission of this press briefing from the White House website is worth taking note of.  Perhaps it was an honest mistake or maybe the White House doesn't intend to post all press briefings but I doubt it.  So much for transparency and honesty in the Obama White House.


Near the end of the press briefing, Gibbs calls on journalist April Ryan.  If you check out this women's website,, you'll quickly come to the conclusion that this women doesn't work for Foxx News.  She's a liberals' liberal.  She worships Obama and you'd think that she would be treated well by the King's minions for all the favorable coverage she gives him but if you thought that you'd be wrong.  One thing you have to admit about Citizen Gibbs:  his condescending attitude crosses party lines.  He'll mistreat a liberal just as soon as he'll rough up a conservative.


Ryan starts out by asking Citizen Gibbs if the King intends to make any important announcements the following evening at his press conference.


I think that largely depends on the many important and impressive reporters assembled in the room in which they will ask the President cutting questions and elicit news.


Gibbs thought he was being cute but Ryan was not amused.


No, you know what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about an opening statement.  Stop being flip.


After Gibbs finally coughs up an answer to this women's question, she moves onto another subject, the prospect of foreign countries calling the debts owed them by the United States.  Now I'm not sure if these countries have the ability to call U.S. treasury bonds but they can certainly stop buying U.S. treasury bonds and/or dump their current holdings which would make it very difficult for our country to issue new debt.  For an administration that intends to incur 10 trillion dollars in new debt over the next ten years this could be a major problem.  It's a serious question but Gibbs doesn't seem to think so as evidenced by Ryan's follow up question:


            If a country does call some of the money due, are we – no it's a serious question.


Gibbs laughs at this question and dismissively cuts down his fellow liberal


April, I – the minute it becomes a reality, I assume your hand will be straight up in the air and I will call on you then.


Even though the White Press Secretary doesn't participate in the formulation of policy, this job is one of the most important positions in any administration.  The White Press Secretary is literally the face of the administration, explaining and defending the President's actions on a daily basis.  By presenting this arrogant and churlish face, the King is showing what he truly thinks of the American people.  Those subjects who dare to question the King are ruthlessly cut down in a withering hail of sarcastic criticism.  For a man who claims to want a new and civil politics, the King's choice of Citizen Gibbs as his most prominent representative is a curious one.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

On the Lighter Side with Limis Ward

How to Deal with the Worrisome Veteran:  The Director's Cut


Not since the days of the late director John Huston has a film of such subtlety and power graced the American screen.  This short film, produced at taxpayer expense by Penn State University, features the challenges a young, brave teaching assistance trying her best to educate a deranged, murderous veteran of the Iraq Occupation. - LW


Mumford:  I'm privileged to make your acquaintance, sir.


Livingstone:  Likewise.  I'm never thought I'd ever get to meet one of Hollywood's top gossip gurus, Larry Mumford.


Mumford:  Thank you Mr. Livingstone.  Let's start right from the top.  How did this project get started?


Livingstone:  Well like everything we do here at the university, the first thing we did was name a culturally diverse and racially sensitive committee to confront the problem.


Mumford:  And I take it you were one this committee.


Livingstone:  Oh yeah.  I'm on a lot of these committees because I'm part Delaware Indian and part Hispanic plus I'm married to an African-American so I cover a lot of bases.  Most of the time I don't even know a whole lot about the committee's particular subject but I pick it up as we go along.


Mumford:  Maybe we're getting a little ahead of ourselves here.  For what was this particular committee you refer to formed?


Livingstone:  You mean the Working Collective to Discuss Potential Threats from Military Fascists Attending the College under the GI Bill?


Mumford:  Yep.  That sounds like the right one.


Livingstone:  At Penn State, like a lot of other institutions of higher learning, we're really on the front line in dealing with the fallout from the failed Bush adventure in Iraq.  Due to the right wing supporters of the military, returning veterans can attend this institution for free.  Their presence on this campus causes a lot of problems.


Mumford:  How so?


Livingstone:  Well, you really got to break it down, like we did on the committee for the better part of six months.  First of all, look who these people are, I mean the returning vets.  Most of them were too stupid to get a real job or go to college in the first place so they joined the military.  Then Bush and Cheney callously send them off to fight an unnecessary war without the proper equipment or training.  And since these two are so cheap, except when it comes to stealing money off the taxpayers via Halliburton, there are not enough soldiers to fight these wars so the guys that go to places like Iraq can be stuck there for years.  Then once they finally get out of that hell, they come here for an education but what they really need is re-education.


Mumford:  In what way?


Livingstone:  Well let me tell you.  I was in the military, Vietnam, so I know how they brainwash people.  And what we're finding out is that a lot of these guys come from dysfunctional homes, primarily Republican, anti-gay, anti-abortion, real Neanderthals, you know the type.  Some of these guys can get really defensive when you challenge their misguided beliefs.


Mumford:  So you're a Vietnam vet.  Is that why you were chosen to direct this film.


Livingstone:  Oh yeah, that plus I watch a lot of porn on the internet so I'm familiar with camera angles and film production.


Mumford:  I'm shocked that you're colleagues would know this about you.  Not many people would admit to such a thing.


Livingstone:  They know because I watch most of this porn at work.  A lot of people here do but I'm not a pig..  I keep the sound down.  Gotta fill up the time somehow.


Mumford:  Tell me more about the background of the project.


Livingstone:  We did a lot of research on this problem, studies, questionnaires and we were really shocked at what we found.  For example, most of these veterans have fired guns during their time in Iraq.  Some of them have even killed people over there and you know what, a lot of them are proud of it.  Can you believe that, they're proud that they killed another human being?


Mumford:  But weren't the enemy soldiers trying to kill them?


Livingstone:  I don't think so and our political science liaison backs us up on that.  Some of these guys are like an animal that's tasted blood, how do you ever take that urge away to kill again?  That's our problem.


Mumford:  Have there been instances of returning veterans threatening to kill or, God-forbid, killing somebody else on the campus?


Livingstone:  No and I think this film has played a big part in our record of success.  Getting the proper message out to our instructors is the key to confronting this difficult problem.


Mumford:  Speaking of your instructors, why don't we bring in the star of your film, Lindsay Boyer, who plays the young teaching assistant.  Lindsay, I understand you're an actual teaching assistant so you bring a certain realism to the film.


Boyer:  The only difference between my character in the film and my real life is that I'm a teaching assistance in the mathematics department while my character is in the English department.


Mumford:  So I guess there's not an opportunity to discuss politics in your math classes like you're character does in the film.


Boyer:  On no, that's not true.  I spend a lot of time condemning the failed Bush polices and proving that President Obama's policies are superior.


Mumford:  How does that fit into a class on mathematics?


Boyer:  I look at politics from a mathematical prospective.  For example, I've distilled five basic principles that characterize Republicans and from those principles I can deduce theorems to show Bush is a failure.


Mumford:  Amazing.  And what are those principles?


Boyer:  1.  Republicans are greedy, 2.  Republicans are selfish, 3.  Republicans hate freedom, 4.  Republicans seek world domination, and 5.  Republicans live for oil.   That's it.  Those five will proof that Bush is a failure as surely as Euclid.


Livingstone:  What do you think of that huh?  She's not only hot as hell but smart too.


Mumford:  Makes sense to me.  So as a teaching assistant, you're on the front lines of this issue, I mean the problem of returning veterans.


Boyer:  Without a doubt.  I've had a number of these guys in my classes, mostly the introductory classes.  I mean, come on, not many veterans can handle the higher level math.


Mumford:  And what has your experiences with them been?


Boyer:  Usually they're at the bottom of the class, just hanging on.  And they're pretty scary.  They love to come strutting up to my desk after class, in their tight T-shirts with their muscular arms and rugged hands hanging out.  Every time I see them coming I imagine them breaking some poor Iraqi woman's arm or smashing their baby's head off the wall. 


Mumford:  Have you ever been attacked by one of these guys?


Boyer:  Not yet, but I'm careful.  I never talk to these guys without my mace close by and I always check the erasers in the classroom for IED's before I start teaching.  You can't be too careful these days. 


Mumford:  Do you think this film will help deal with this crisis?


Livingstone:  Absolutely.  And that's why we put a lot of thought into the casting by finding Lindsay to play the teaching assistance and Warren to play the returning vet.


Mumford:  Speaking of Warren, let's bring Warren into this.  Tell me a little about your role in this film.


Warren:  I play the returning veteran and I put a lot of work into forming the character that these guys have.  It wasn't easy.


Mumford:  How did you go about this process?


Warren:  I thought of everything I could to form an aggressive, somewhat stupid attitude.  I read the comics every day, ate red meat, and watched a lot of John Wayne movies.  It worked but I paid a heavy price for this role.


Mumford:  How so?


Warren:  Without even realizing it, this aggressive attitude started seeping into my subconscious.  It really hit home one day when I was watching a movie on Lifetime and my partner switched the channels.  I really went off of him, calling him a little bitch and threatened to break off our relationship.  When he started to cry, it shocked me back to reality.  I've had to do a lot of work to get back to normal.  I've got a sensitivity counselor, I've spend some time hiking in the rainforests, and I've been volunteering at a homeless shelter.  Those bums are pretty disgusting but I think it's helping me get back to my normal, sensitive self.


Mumford:  I'm glad you're doing better and all three of you should be proud of your work on this soon to be classic of American cinema.  So let's role the tape, oh my, I'm showing my age there, and get your comments on the individual scenes.



Postscript:  Believe it or not, this video is an actual instruction tool that was once posted on the Penn State Division of Student Affairs website.  As of this writing, this website features four videos from the Division's Counseling & Psychological Services unit dealing with worrisome student behaviors.  When you click on the first three videos, there are two tabs labeled scenario and follow-up.  When you click on the video referred to in this post, the website will not change because the good people at Counseling & Psychological Services had the sense to remove the video from their site after the outrage over its production. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Voice of Experience

I'm OK, You're OK


For somebody who's supposed to be so smart, King Hussein Obama the First obviously didn't expect that his apology to Europe during his speech overseas on April 3rd at Strasbourg Town Hall would generate such outrage and condemnation here at home.  Any sportswriter can tell you that you don't make many friends slamming the home team.  Of course, since the home team for King Obama is Kenya, I can understand his mistake.


Our King tends to be a long winded cuss and loves to hear himself read from a Tele-Prompt-Ter so you have to scroll down to the 18th paragraph to find the words which have so offended the American public:


Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.


Immediately after this bombshell, the King surprising takes a shot at our European allies and for a guy that loves all things international, the following quote is pretty tough stuff:


But in Europe, there is an anti-Americanism that is at once casual but can also be insidious.  Instead of recognizing the good that American so often does in the world, there have been times where Europeans choose to blame America for much of what's bad.


So what's up with that?  Well, tortuous though it may be, if you continue reading further, you'll find the King wants Europe's help in solving the world's problem, one of which is Afghanistan.


So I've made a commitment to Afghanistan, and I've asked our NATO partners for more civilian and military support and assistance.


Basically, the King's diplomacy is similar to a make-up scene on your average daytime soap opera: i.e. I've made mistakes, you've made mistakes, so let's forget about it and make out.  Now this approach may work when you're trying to score drugs on the streets of Honolulu or talk some college hottie out of her pants but I seriously doubt the King's groveling before our Europeans allies will have much effect.  But why guess?  Let's take a look at their reaction.


So according to the Christian Science Monitor, the King's diplomacy yielded 3,000 troops, mostly of who will not fight in combat, and $600 million dollars, which as the King has already shown, he can spend in a day.  A slighter higher figure of 5,000 troops is reported by the British newspaper, The Guardian,  Note that his speech moved the French in particular.  They are sending 150 military police.  These ridiculously low numbers pale in contrast to the 21,000 troops the King has committed and as the story notes, an additional 10,000 addition American reinforcements which could be deployed later this year.  Some partnership huh?  And was it really worth humiliating ourselves for this sad, half-hearted response?


The King's major error was in assuming that the Europeans actually want to do anything to solve the world's problem, particularly when the solution might involve war:


They fail to acknowledge the fundamental truth that American cannot confront the challenges of this century alone, but that Europe cannot confront them without America.


Unfortunately Charles Krauthammer's brilliant refutation of this assertion on the April 3rd edition of Foxx's Special Report with Brit Hume has been removed from YouTube, supposedly for a term of use violation but most likely for his statement that "Europe's been sucking on our tit for 60 years."  As inelegant as this statement may be, it's true.  Krauthammer pointed out that in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the Europeans stuck their collective heads in the sand and waited for the U.S. to take the lead.  This lack of will was wholly consistent with their attitude since World War II which was to let America confront the Soviets while they hide behind our missile shield.


I've argued many times on this blog that the King's Achilles heel is his poor judgment of character.  Once again, by misreading our wimpy European friends, King Hussein Obama the First has accomplished nothing at the cost of making America look weak.  I can't wait to see what his reaction to North Korea's missile launch will be.  No doubt he's directed Hillary Clinton to write a sharply worded letter to North Korean dictator Kim Jong II.  Given the massive shortages in that country, he can probably use the letter as fuel for his fireplace.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Voice of Experience

A Senseless Loss


Generally here at Delta-Man, we try to present our commentary on current events with a lighter touch, mixing humor with serious analysis.  Unfortunately today it is with a profound sense of shock and outrage that we refer you to the following account of the tragic murder of three City of Pittsburgh police officers responding to a domestic dispute.  Particularly sad is the loss of Officer Eric Kelly, a 14 year veteran of the force.  After completing his overnight shift, Officer Kelly was heading home when he heard the report of a domestic dispute but a few blocks from his house and he fatefully decided to back up his fellow officers, Stephen Mayhle and Paul Sciullo, who were responding to the call.  Witnesses reported that Officer Kelly was barely out of his vehicle when he was gunned down by this disgusting piece of garbage, the suspect, Richard Poplawski.  As this brave man lied dying in street he made the call to police dispatchers that ultimately brought the reinforcements needed to stop this scumbag.  Before we go any further, its worth noting that Officer Timothy McManaway, who was the next policeman to arrive on the scene, was wounded trying to rescue Officer Kelly.  Risking his own life, Officer McManaway was able to pull Officer Kelly out of the line of fire.  Fortunately Officer McManaway's wounds were not life threatening.


Any decent, law-abiding citizen would think that our community could set aside our political differences and unite as one in expressing our collective outrage over this senseless loss.  Unfortunately anyone thinking that this would occur would be wrong..  The lunatics in the liberal media wasted little time in linking the worthless piece of crap who committed these crimes to the opposition to King Hussein Obama the First.  Like most young people, Richard Poplawski, 22, maintained a MySpace webpage.  His profile was filled with white supremacist rantings and violent threats against, among others, his ex-girlfriend.  During the ensuring standoff with police, Poplawski called a like-minded wacko friend, telling him that nobody was going to take his guns and that he was going to do what his forefathers would have done, i.e. kill anyone who attempted to interfere with his right to keep and bear arms.


Left unsaid by these liberal hacks is the fact that nobody else in this neighborhood attempted to intervene in this situation, most likely because none of these people had a gun because the liberal do-gooders have done everything possible to discourage gun ownership.  If you read the account of the shooting closely, you'll note that Poplawski, upon realizing that he had only wounded Officer Mayhle, stepped out of his house and shot this poor man two or more three times to make sure he was dead.  It's a shame that not one person like the people who I grew up, who loved hunting and owned guns, did not live on this street.  No doubt one of these people would have dropped this piece of garbage right there on his front porch as he tried to execute this fallen policeman and maybe Officer Mayle and Officer Kelly would still be alive today.


Of course, in their rush to politicize this tragedy, the liberal hacks missed a crucial element of the story:  the roll of the scumbag's mother.  She was the one who called 911 but never informed them that her son had been stockpiling weapons.  She was the one that opened the door to the house for the two police officers, telling them to "come and take his ass." without any warning.  Did she realize he was armed when she opened the door?  As of this writing we don't know and the liberal hacks don't seem to making much effort to find out.


In an earlier time, it would go without saying that this worthless pieced of crap would be executed for his crimes.  If a man who beat his own mother, executed three police officers, and then engaged in a three hour gun-battle with other policemen, which endangered countless lives, doesn't deserve the death penalty, then who does?  No doubt, years from now, once the community's grief and outrage have been exhausted, the liberal defenders of filth such as Mr. Poplawski will emerge from their shadowy dens and block every attempt to execute this murderer and he will grow old, at state expense, in prison.  Mr. Poplawski is a young man and given time he may even be able to rehabilitate his image in a manner similar to another convicted cop killer, Wesley Cook.  In 1981, Cook executed City of Philadelphia Officer Daniel Faulkner..  Despite the testimony of four eyewitnesses to the killing of Officer Faulkner, liberals have made the case of Wesley Cook, now known as Mumia Abu-Jamal, a cause célèbre.  Laying aside his crimes, these useful idiots point out Abu-Jamal "contributions" to society since his crimes and cry about what a waste it would be to execute him.  Mr. Abu-Jamal is currently incarcerated at SCI Green, which is near Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, a short drive from Pittsburgh.  Perhaps in a few years, Mr. Poplawski will also be imprisoned there and Mr. Abu-Jamal will have a protégé. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Righteous Lib

The 8-4 Project



Now that we've turned the conservative hate-mongers out on their ass, they've turned their evil eye onto new ways to screw up the country without the use of government power.  For an ever shrinking minority, those that remain can be a clever lot as evidenced by Glenn Beck's latest flop, The 9-12 Project.  How this bloated, ex-drunk can possibly imagine that he has the moral authority to give anyone advice is beyond me, but for anyone who's ever listened to his daily three hour hate screed on radio or watched his rants on Headline News or FOX, home of the bigots, you won't be surprised at his nerve.


The mission statement of the 9-12 Project is as follows:


The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us all back to the place we were on September 12, 2001.  The day after America was attacked we were not obsessed with Red States, Blue States or political parties.  We were united as Americans, standing together to protect the values and principles of the greatest nation ever created.


Now I might be the only person in America who doesn't understand why we'd want to go back to the day after America got its ass kicked but I don't think so.  If this statement was all there was to the 9-12 Project you might just dismiss it as a stupid rant of a stupid man but it's only the beginning of the weirdness.


Beck takes the date 9-12 and manufactures 9 principles and 12 values that supposedly unite us.  He even goes so far as to use the old "Join or Die" snake of the Revolutionary War era and divide it up into 10 sections.  10 sections you say?  Yes 10, nine of them labeled one through nine for the principles and the last section labeled, 1-12, for the 12 values.  It might be sufficient to note that the section for the 12 values is the snake's ass.


So what are these 9 principals and 12 values?  Click on the link and check them out yourself, brah.  You'll find such priceless bromides as these:


            Principal 1 – America is Good.

            Principal 3 – I must always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday.

            Value 1 - Honesty

            Value 4 - Thrift

            Value 9 – Hard Work


After reading this crap I'm not sure if Beck just thought of these yesterday or if he picked them up in those Alcoholics Anonymous meetings back in the day.


On the expanded mission statement, Beck tries to make some sense of these ridiculous principals.


Read the nine simple (he got that right - RL) principals.  If you believe in at least seven of them, then we have something in common.


In my own small way to help unite our people, I've decided to start my own effort to unite the American people, The 8-4 Project.  I chose eight principals because there are eight main islands in Hawaii and four values because there are four main volcanoes.  8-4 is also my man Barack's birthday so that makes it really smart because everybody knows Barack's the most intelligent man to ever occupy the White House.  Took a home-grown Hawaiian to trump all those racist slave owners like Washington and Jefferson.


So if you believe in at least six of these principals, then we have something in common.


1.      Always wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, especially if you take a big dump.

2.      Never pick up a girl after you've been drinking.

3.      Never lick pancake batter from a hot skillet, unless you're a masochist.

4.      Ugly guys can get hot chicks provided they have a lot of money.

5.      Most guys like girls with big chests, unless they're gay

6.      Paula Abdul is the worst judge in the history of American Idol

7.      Barack Obama is the greatest President in American history

8.      Never listen to a word Limis Ward, the Voice of Experience, or Publicus says.


And the 4 values:


1.      Sloth


I'll finish the rest later.


The Voice of Experience

Would the Last Person to Leave New York Remember to Turn Off the Lights



One of the many advantages of supporting yourself instead of relying on the federal government to satisfy all of your needs is that you have the freedom and resources to do what you want instead of having to wait around for your monthly welfare check.  After two straight months of Obama's onslaught of liberal madness, I decided to take a break and spend a couple weeks in Miami Beach.  What a pleasure it was to relax in the sun on the beach, watch the waves roll up, and forget all about how King Hussein Obama the First is trying to destroy this county.


For those of you that have never visited Miami Beach, I highly recommend it.  The beach is long and wide and is backed by a classic wooden boardwalk for about twenty five blocks.  Though I never go out late, the young kids tell me the night life is never ending and a lot of fun.  I usually see the kids just starting their nightly reveries when I'm walking along Ocean Boulevard in the early evening.  This street contains numerous examples of the Art Deco style of architecture that was prevalent in this country between the world wars.  For you liberals who think the world started yesterday, Art Deco, in the architectural sense, was a movement characterized by an ornate style that attempted to utilize what was for the time, modern building materials.  So these restored old buildings are trimmed with neon lights, glass block, and streamlined corners and edges to match aerodynamic designs used in transportation.  Nothing beats seeing all the multi-colored neon lights in the early evening as you walk down Ocean Boulevard.


Back in the Art Deco period, Miami Beach was the top tourist and snowbird destination in the country.  Not everyone appreciates the history and architecture of this city though.  Today the top destination, in Florida at least, is further up the coast, in the modern developments around West Palm Beach and Boca Rotan.  This area is home to numerous famous people such as Donald Trump, Jimmy Buffett, Tiger Woods, Rod Stewart, Joe Namath, and most importantly for today's post, the man the liberals love to hate, Rush Limbaugh.


Recently, in response to the latest wave of new taxes and tax increases piled onto New York's already over-burdened citizens, Limbaugh announced that he was selling his residence in the state and moving south.  For you progressives out there who are afraid to listen to anything contrary to the standard liberal propaganda, Limbaugh moved from New York City to Palm Beach County several years ago, but continued to maintain a residence in New York for, in his own words, "hurricane relief."  According to Rush, he would spend about 15 days a year in New York City.  Unfortunately for Rush, under the laws of the state of New York, Rush has to pay taxes on the proportion of his income that the state considers have been earned while he was in New York City for those 15 days.  Given that in his leaked 2004 divorce proceedings Limbaugh's monthly income was estimated to be between $2 and $3 million and that he has just signed a new contract with Clear Channel Communications that will pay him $400 million over the next several years, his New York income is probably a fair hunk of change.


It goes without saying that the liberals hate Rush but you'd think that it might give them pause when a successful, wealthy man turns his back on their state.  Being illogical liberals though, they were overjoyed at the prospect of losing Rush's contribution to the New York treasury.  Democratic New York Governor David Patterson laughed about Limbaugh's decision, saying, "If I knew that was going to be the result (i.e. Limbaugh leaving New York) I would have thought about the taxes earlier."

Scott Ross of NBC jokes that Rush's leaving the state is the "silver lining to the state's current fiscal crisis."  Ross's article is a standard liberal hit piece on Limbaugh but contains a classic example of the liberal media's penchant for twisting the truth.


Ross notes that unlike New York, Florida does not have a state income tax.  Ever inquisitive, he wonders how Florida manages to fund its governmental operations.  After what I'm sure was extension research on Wikipedia, he gives us this answer:


In 2004, New York received 79 cents from Washington for every dollar it paid.  Florida, on the other hand, received $1.02 for every dollar it paid.  Maybe it's not that Rush hates paying taxes, rather he loves spending other people's tax dollars.


His source for this statement is a special report put out by the Tax Foundation in March 2006, Federal Tax Burdens and Expenditures by State.  The Tax Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 1937 to, according to their website, "educate taxpayers about sound tax policy and the size of the tax burden by Americans at all levels of government."  The Tax Foundation's website is full of special reports, publications and a wealth of other information on this subject.  If Comrade Ross would have spent a few more minutes on this site, he might have come across another publication entitled.  Estimating Federal Tax Burdens for Major City Areas, Counties, and U.S. Congressional Districts, published in March 2007. 


Starting on page 25 in section VII:  Final Federal Tax Burden Totals, is Table 6:  Total Federal Tax Burdens Per Household by MSA, Calendar Year 2004.  An MSA is short for Metropolitan Statistical Areas, government speak for a city and its suburbs.  .  According to the authors calculations, New York City which is in the New York MSA has an average total federal tax burden of $23,014, which ranks 20th in the nation.  Palm Beach County, Rush's present home, is located in the West Palm Beach – Boca Raton MSA.  This MSA has an average total federal tax burden of $24,635, which ranks 15th in the nation.  So under Comrade Ross's own logic, if Florida is truly mooching off the federal government, Rush and his fellow citizens in southern Florida are contributing more towards that burden than their enlightened friends to the north.


On a more basic level though, it's typical of liberals that they never connect their various beliefs in any coherent, logical fashion.  The liberals are always telling us what a dullard Rush Limbaugh is.  Under their logic then he surely can't be the first person to come up with this reaction to the high taxes in New York.  No doubt others are already leaving and/or contemplating the idea.  So if enough rich people leave, who's going to pay the taxes that provide the funds for the services the liberals love to hand out so freely?  Wasn't that the whole point of raising the taxes in the first place?  Only in the bizarre world of liberalism do they celebrate their defeats.